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Mpa Mu Nkommo now live on Ahenfie Radio every saturday's from 9pm to 11pm EST --------Ahenfie Radio App is Now on iTunes App Store and Google Play ... DOWNLOAD NOW !!!!!!!!!--------Boiling Point is Live on Ahenfie Radio every Tuesdays and Thusdays from 4pm to 6:30pm EST_ Is all Politics!!!!!! ------------ Akwantuo Mu Nsem is now in iTunes Podcasts !!!!!!!! -----AKWANTUO MU NSEM Live Every Sunday From 4pm to 6pm on Ahenfie Radio!!!!! ------ Mpa Mu Nkommo is now in iTunes Podcast !!!!!!!! .........Dial (712) 432-5342 to Listen to Ahenfie Radio Live on Any Phone at Any Time !!!!!!! .......... Mpa Mu Nkommo!!! on Ahenfie Radio Every Saturday From 9pm to 10pm,-------Ahenfie Radio is on ITunes Radio in International Genre -------- Ahenfie Radio Studio Line 203 654 7752------- Ahenfie Radio Your Kingdom Of African Music's




DJ BOAFO Mix Tapes

HipLife Jam - 08-08-16

Sunday Fever - 04-10-16


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How To Have Your Tracks Considered For Air Play

If you think your music would fit nicely on our channels, send it to us. Ahenfie Radio supports unsigned and independent artists, and we want to help great music get heard.

The easiest way is to send us a CD. Our mailing address is:

Ahenfie Radio

Atn: Nana Kweku Boafo

108 Blakeslee ave.

North Haven, CT 06473

Do not send CDs via certified or registered mail as it will most likely not be signed for and returned to you.

Note The Following Important Exceptions!

Ahenfie Radio also prefers to get music electronically, and if you send a CD to the above address, they won't receive it in a timely

fashion. So if you have a track you can send it to

Electronic Submissions

We accept MP3s that have valid ID3 tag information! We prefer 256kb constant bit rate, "normal stereo" (NOT joint stereo) MP3s

encoded at the highest quality setting. 128k MP3s and files from MySpace are not acceptable for broadcast.

Alternatively, you can email us URLs for download, as long as we don't have to log in or join anything. We prefer that you don't use

services such as "Sendspace" which make you wait and look at ads before downloading the files. Make sure you send the files directly

to the appropriate music director listed above.

Include a little info about yourself, where people can buy or download the music, and which channel(s) you think your tunes would fit on.

(hint: a post-it note on the CD suggesting the best tracks and the appropriate channel is a great idea!)

And one important thing: make sure your CD is in the CDDB. The easiest way to do this is to use a CDDB-compatible computer

CD player (such as iTunes), and load your CD in and enter all the track and album data, and use the menu command to "submit CD info

to CDDB". This ensures that when we load your CD into our systems, the correct artist and song track info gets loaded as well. And

we're more likely to listen to your music if we've already loaded it into our database system.

If your CD is not in the CDDB, you should submit it electronically instead (per the above).

We won't promise we'll play everything we receive - we're very picky about what we play. But we will try to listen to everything we get.

so allow us some time to check out your music.


Ahenfie Radio Team





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